Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Contest Winner

The time came to redeem the code for the contest and I was hoping to get lucky. The cards that were popping up on the "recently unlocked cards" screen varied from the '50s to the late 2000's. I saw a 1967 Hoyt Wilhelm and a 1978 Carl Yastrzemski and even a 1969 Billy Williams. Of course the 2009 Ron Gardenhire wasn't something I wanted. I was just hoping for a little luck.

Well, this is what turned up when I entered the code.

That's right. A rare 2008 Mike Redmond.

Excuse me...I seem to have thrown up in my mouth just a little. *Sigh*

Oh well, that's the way the code crumbles...or something like that.

The contest had 36 entries and three people picked the Twins.

roofgod, mmmrrhubar and tunguska. I entered these three names at and randomed them three times and this is what came up.

Just in case you can't read that, roofgod came out on top. Congrats to roofgod and please send me you address so I can start putting your prize package together.

Thanks to everyone who entered and remember, the April contest will have something to do with March.


  1. dude... after that, those three people should be sending you stuff.


  2. Gosh Darnnit!! I never win these things. They're fun to play. Thanks for having the contest anyway. Maybe I'll win next time.