Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poor Little Packsearcher...You missed one

I think my disdain for packsearchers has been well documented on here as well as in my comments on other blogs. I've turned them in to management (they really don't care by the way), given them grief and threatened to post their pictures on my "website" for all my readers. I don't tell them the number of people following the blog is 66. That's about 60 more than I thought I'd get for goodness sakes!

Well, just to show that the packsearchers don't get all the hits, I'll post one that just happened to find it's way into my grocery basket yesterday. I picked up a random 2010 Topps rack pack at my son's request. He wasn't with me so I took the first one on the peg. When he opened it, he was happy to see this:

A little later, I let him enter the code and it turned into this:

Back to the packsearcher "fail" part of this post. There was something unexpected behind the code card.

It looks like your standard, run of the mill Peak Performance insert.

Now it looks like your standard Yovani Gallardo Peak Performance.

So, we have a game used bat card for a National League pitcher. My son didn't care, he was thrilled to get his second relic card (that he pulled from a pack). Granted, this isn't a life changing relic, but it's proof yet again that packsearchers don't get everything.


  1. high points all around. Great O's card...I love the horizontal doubles from back in the day. Let me know if I can coax that Gallardo off your guy for a few auto/GU of players he likes...I promise to hook you both up

  2. Peterson, he loves trading. I've brainwashed him good so Rangers stuff will work. His favorite player currently (it changes week to week) is Michael Young.