Friday, March 26, 2010

Give that man a license! Big D is Big Time

You've been seeing them pop up here and there. Everyone who has received them has been amazed by them. When I saw that little package with the Big D logo on it, I was almost too excited to open it. I thought...nah, it couldn't be...could it? I opened it up slowly and sure enough, it was a couple of Big D Custom cards from Derek over at Hey, That's Mine! Derek and I share our pursuit of all things Ranger, and he didn't disappoint with these beauties. Topps better watch out, they'll lose that exclusive with MLB.

Spring Training-Texas Rangers Style

I love the old-school Rangers logo. I believe this is the Rangers practicing "the Shift" for those games against the White Sox and Jim Thome. Putting 6 guys on the right side should work.

Will Clark
This Will Clark card is incredible! The Ranger red border, the big D logo, it all looks great. This is easily one of my favorite Will Clark cards now!

And of course, the genius back along with an on-card signature from the man himself!

Big D, put me down for a box out of the very first case you produce...I would love to bust a box of Big D customs. Thanks for the great cards and keep up the amazing work!


  1. Big D cards ARE AWESOME!!! We are pretty lucky to have two amazing card manufacturers in our card blog family-Big and SlangKo. Both are great! The Stormin Gorman card I saw on the Night Owls blog yesterday seemed like an early candidate for card of the year-that Will the Thrill is pretty darn close. AWESOME!!!

  2. Glad you liked them. Hopefully the Rangers won't need such drastic measures as the 6-man shift to stay competitive this year. I wonder if David Murphy didn't get the memo on which uniform to wear that day?