Friday, March 12, 2010

Golden Rangers from Chris

Chris who is working on sent me a few 2010 Topps cards I needed. Even better than that was the short stack of Rangers gold cards he sent over. That's what I'm highlighting today.

Before I get to the gold cards, I'll show off this very, very shiny card.

This 2004 Topps Chrome Jeff Nelson refractor looks much nicer in person than my scanner can show. I'll always think of Nelson as a Yankee and Mariner. I do like shiny cards.

On to the gold. This is a 2006 Topps Lone Star Sluggers Gold #1637/2006. I think this is the second one of these I have so that means only 2004 people get to have one. Jealous!!

This is the first of two Golden Cruz's from 2009 Topps UH. This one shows Cruz making friends at the All-Star Game is # 1226/2009.

This one is Nelson showing off at the Home Run Derby. It's # 0554/2009. You probably can't see it in the scan, but there is a mike cord coming out of Nelson's butt and hanging over the face of the camera man behind him. That's a distubing little image.

Here is a nice, new, 2010 Topps Frank Francisco, # 0073/2010. Like everyone else, I liked the old gold numbering better than this black printed stuff.

Chris, thanks for the help with the 2010 Topps set and all the golden goodness!