Saturday, March 6, 2010

Props for Topps Part 2

I'm sending out more thanks to good people who sent me more cards I needed for the 2010 Topps set.

David who's Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid sent over this beauty:

This leaves me one short of for the 1951 Red Back insert set...#12.

Derek from Hey, That's Mine sent over a number of cards I needed. Most of them were Yankees inserts so I'll show the one that isn't.

One more Peak Performer off the list. Thanks Derek!

Reader Carl from O. Hio sent over a few more for the list plus one non-list card.

This is a great shot of Ozzie Smith. My first reaction was that they should have centered Ozzie better, but then I realized the positioning allows you to get a sense of how high Ozzie is off the ground.

Carl threw in a 2007 Elemens Joaquin Arias auto for good measure. Thanks Carl.

Thanks to everyone who has gotten me another step closer to finishing Series 1.


  1. Is Joaquin's auto in parenthesis? These rookies love their punctuation (I'm looking your way, Koji! Uehara).

  2. whoa, whoa! What's going on here? Somebody sending a Chipper to a Ranger fan before I have it???
    This has to stop, and stop immediately.
    The whole blogosphere is getting out of whack.
    Cats and dogs, living together....

  3. I obviously need more autos in my collection...