Monday, March 1, 2010

March Contest

By now, everyone knows the Topps Million Card Giveway has swept the blogosphere. I thought I would throw a little fuel on the fire by using the Giveaway as a part of this month's contest.

I've redeemed 27 codes so far. Those codes have given up these cards:

2005 Laynce Nix, Rangers
2001 Brian Meadows, Royals
1993 Willie Greene, Reds
1990 Don Aase, Mets
1988 Jim Acker, Braves
1988 Dwayne Murphy, A's
1988 Hubie Brooks, Expos
1988 Kirk McKaskill, Angels
1987 Lance McCullers, Padres
1987 Tony Fernandez, Blue Jays
1987 Mike Schmidt, Phillies
1987 Dick Williams, Mariners (whoo hoo, a manager!)
1987 Bruce Benedict, Braves
1985 Tim Raines, Expos
1981 Alan Trammell, Tigers
1979 Bill Stein, Mariners
1979 Don Hood, Indians
1978 Ron Leflore, Tigers
1975 Jackie Brown, Rangers

1972 Danny Thompson, Twins
1970 Clay Dalrymple, Orioles
1969 Tony Oliva, Twins
1969 Tony Gonzalez, Padres
1966 Dick Stuart, Mets
1961 Bill Henry, Reds
1954 Frank Brumholtz, Cubs
1952 Bruce Edwards, Cubs
I got the Jackie Brown, Leflore, Hood and Stein this weekend with four codes I had been saving.
I have one code left.
The contest is this.
At some point after Wednesday evening, I will redeem the code. For a chance to win the contest, leave a comment with the team and year you think will be "unlocked". If anyone gets both the team and the year, they will win the prize. If no one picks both the team and year, then all people who pick the right team will be randomed to see who wins.
The same team may be picked by multiple entrants, but make sure you pick a different year than anyone else that picks the same team. For example, Rangers 1975 and Cubs 1975 are ok, but two Cubs 1975 picks are not. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PLEASE!
Ok Mr. Windbag, what are we playing for (they all said in unison):
The prize will include between 5 and 10 unopened packs, from whatever years I choose. No 50 cents packs though. I'll also try to include some cards from your favorite team. I'm really going to try to tailor this prize to the winner so I'll post the prize after I the winner is determined. I don't think anyone who has won a prize from me has been disappointed. Also, if you'll note the monthly prize winner list on the right...I'm going to have some type of end of the year contest for the 12 winners and they'll get a really good prize.
Good luck!
PATP Note: The April contest will have something to do with the what happens in March.


  1. 1987 Brewers, I don't know, seen a lot of Robin Younts around, got one myself

  2. 1981 Braves, I have the worst predicting skills ever.

  3. 1975 NY Mets. I just love that set.

  4. 1979 Phillies

    word verification is uppes (youppis?? is this a hint??) hmmm...

  5. 1977 White Sox. That's right, Chicago ballplayers in godawful uniforms.

  6. 1983 Astros...
    As always, great contest!

  7. 1961 Twins...a high #

  8. Contest Closed....will be redeeming the card shortly and posting the winner in the morning.