Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Packs of Ginter

Slow down.

Don't get too excited. These aren't 2010 packs.

I went to Target to spend two $10 gift cards on something from the card rack. I picked up a Chicle blaster, which I'll be posting soon. I also found 6 of these.

2008 Ginter packs in the discount box. I never find anything good in the discount box. Well, never anything that I want to buy, so I was glad to find these.

I wasn't back into collecting when these were fresh and new and I've only managed to pick up a few through trades. I'd like to put the set together, but it's not a high priority. Anyway, here is what my retail finds gave up.

Pack 1

#270 Lance Berkman
#204 Julio Lugo
#251 Matt Cain
#7 Mickey Mantle
#22 Chin-Lung Hu mini

#8 Brian Bass

Pack 2

#127 Billy Butler
#136 Javier Vasquez
#303 Jason Bay SP--Some type of ghost image on the scan.

#175 Chipper Jones A&G back mini
#US 9 Lastings Milledge State card
#37 Pedro Martinez
#294 Torii Hunter

Pack 3

#67 Kevin Kouzmanoff
#20 Vladimir Guerrero
#33 Nick Swisher
#179 Hidecki Matsui A&G back mini
#4 World's Greatest Victories Man Walks on the Moon

#109 Joey Chestnut--Really?

Pack 4

#131 Todd Helton
#149 Freddy Sanchez
#118 Geovany Soto
#175 Chipper Jones
#234 Jered Weaver black border mini

#294 Torii Hunter--only 6 packs, 36 cards, and I get a dupe.

Pack 5

#55 Josh Beckett
#96 Carlos Zambrano
#87 Aaron Rowand
#128 Golden Gate Bridge--Leave it to Ginter to put a bridge on a card.

#279 Jim Edmonds regular back mini
#147 James Fenimore Cooper

Pack 6

#211 Josh Hamilton--my first Ranger, but I may have received this in a trade package before

#161 Randy Winn
#124 Greg Maddux
#78 Ivan Rodriguez
#278 Kevin Van Dam regular back mini--a little fisherman who catches big fish
#288 Pete Weber--what a way to finish...a fisherman and a bowler

I only got one SP in 6 packs even though the odds are 1:2 packs. Otherwise, I'd say pretty standard for retail. I'd buy more, just to bust them. Do you think 2010 Ginter will ever be in the discount box? I'd say no, since they'll all be purchased before that happens.


  1. what would you like for the James Fenimore Cooper?

  2. I've boughten A&G in the discount box. In fact, I pulled the Fukudome no-number card from an '08 pack in the discount box.

    2010 A&G will be discounted someday. But you'll have to wait about 5 years for them to unload the giant stockpile of Fleer Ultra and '07 Upper Deck that they've been throwing in there.