Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How a Rangers fan ends up with the Cubs in a Group Break

Sewing Machine Guy and Carl Crawford Cards are co-conspirators in a monthly group break. SMG held the June break of a box of 2009 Bowman Chrome, 2 boxes of 2008 UD Series 2 and 5 Boxes of 2008 SP Legendary Cuts. The Rangers checklist in SP Legendary Cuts was very thin so I was hoping to get another team that was more likely to turn up. My first choice would have been the Giants in hopes of getting something Will Clarkish (nothing of his turned up), but I ended up taking the Cubs. That was a better choice as it turns out.

The numbers don't lie--I got a total of 12 Rangers: 1 Bowman Chrome and 11 UD.

The Cubs portion of the package was much better. 16 UD, 3 Bowman Chrome (including some dude named Starlin Castro) and 8 base Legendary Cuts cards. I got 4 "hits" from the Legendary Cuts box. Two SPs, a Fergie Jenkins #320/550 and a Vincent Van Gogh #539/550 (I got that in a randomization for non-team cards). I got two jersey cards.

Billy Williams Legendary Memorabilia #3/35. The checklist on the UD website said this had a print run of 99 but that's bad info. I'm not sure what's up with the green swatch. Any ideas?

This Destination Stardom Rich Hill comes complete with blue pinstripe. With the exception of the Williams card, most of these Cubs will probably find their way to a couple of Cubs guys I've traded with in the past.

I'm looking forward to the SMG/CCC July break of 5 boxes of A&G.

Thanks guys for running a fun break.


  1. Billy's green swatch may be from the Oakland A's. He spent his last two seasons there. I can't stand when the card companies do that. Thank God there are no Ron Santo's with a red pinstripe (White Sox).

  2. Thanks for the info. I should have known...

  3. Is that Billy William for trade? If so, check out the for trade section on my blog and maybe we can work out a deal, I think ive got some rangers stuff you might like thanks