Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mini Madness from Puck Junk

Sal over at Puck Junk recently held a Stanley Cup Finals contest. All you had to do was pick the player who scored the game winner in the final game of the Stanley Cup Finals and you could win a prize. I don't know as much about hockey as baseball, but I enjoy a good Dallas Stars game when I get the chance. Fortunately, I was the first to enter because that gave me the chance to select Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks and he came through for me...and the Blackhawk faithful.

Sal has the coolest business card. This was included with the package and is a great item to include with packages. It's full color, heavy stock, glossy paper. The other side is just as cool, but has his phone number so I didn't scan it.

Sal sent over my choice of prizes which just happened to be a complete 42 card set of 1987-88 O-Pee-Chee Leaders. These happen to be mini cards, which I like a lot. They aren't as mini as Ginter minis, but they are small. Here is a comparison, plus a few of the cards in the set.

I didn't have a hockey card handy to compare the mini with so you'll have to enjoy the 2010 Bowman Nelson Cruz.

Here is the "Great One". As if Wayne Gretzky needs an introduction. If you're too young to know Wayne Gretzky as a player...I'm sorry. You missed out.

This is the card back. Obviously.

I love the old Minnesota North Stars uniforms. Speaking of Stars, I'm going to miss Mike Modano when he leaves whether it's this year or next. Dino was announced as a Hall of Fame Inductee yesterday. Congrats Dino!

This guy doesn't need anymore introduction than Gretzky.

Holy cow, Patrick Roy looks like a boy in that picture. Did his mom know he was playing in the NHL?

Sal is running another contest right now to pick the NHL season award winners. Go check it out and get an entry in while you can.

Thanks Sal!!

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  1. never seen 'em before, think they are awesome. that is all.