Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Blaster: 2010 Topps Series 2

Part of my Father's Day present was a blaster from Walmart. I'll get to the cards first and then give my opinions of the blaster itself at the end.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the general stats on these blasters. You get 10 packs plus the always maddening "Manu-patch" bonus. Two of the packs in these Walmart blasters are of the black background variety.

I'm not giving a pack by pack breakdown, but here are the numbers along with a few scans.

Here is one of the black background cards. I'm not a big fan of these, mostly because it's just another gimmick. This is Yadier Molina. I didn't get any Rangers so all of these are earmarked for trade partners.


It should be a great thrill to open a pack of cards and see Babe Ruth. It really should, but it wasn't. This is the Vintage Legend insert.

So far I've pulled two of these sketch cards and my son who loves to draw has already been working on a Michael Young sketch to send to Topps.

Overall, the blaster gave up these cards:

Base: 42 cards, 0 duplicates

Peak Performance: 1:4--two, Jason Bay, Justin Upton

Vintage Legend: 1:4--four, Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Roy Campanella, Lou Gehrig

Topps Attax: 1:1--8 total

Legendary Lineage: 1:4--two, Dawson/Soriano and Dawson/Soriano--that's right, dupes

CYMTO: 1:4--two, Rick Porcello and Chipper Jones

CYMTO Original Back: 1:10--Bo Jackson

HOTWS: 1:6--two, Yogi Berra and Derek Jeter

2020: 1:6--two, David Wright and David Wright--more dupes

Turkey Red: 1:4--Jake Peavy and Hanley Ramirez

Black Background--10 total

Sketch card--1

Manu-patch--1, Orlando Cepeda

One million card code which turned into this:

1968 Fritz Peterson. I hope the card isn't as badly miscut/off center as the image on the MCG site. I'll probably try to trade it for a vintage Senator anyway. At any rate, the '68 card is the best card of the box if you ask me.

I'm really surprised at the insert dupes. That's just bad collation on the part of Topps. I also don't get all the inserts. When you get a box with 80 cards and only 42 of them are base cards, that's too many inserts. I don't like the black background cards so there will be no more Walmart blasters for me. I'll stick to the 12 card packs or cereal boxes from here on out. At least until I complete the set.

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  1. In series 1, I managed to get doubles of Legendary Lineage before doubles of base you're not alone there.