Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Ultra Keeping Your Eye on the Ball Clinic

Today we'll show why hitters keep their eye on ball. It helps you to make good contact and good things happen when you make good contact.

2003 Ultra Nomar Garciaparra--You'll notice the head is down all the way through contact with the ball.

Example #2. 2002 Ultra Cal Ripken Jr.--Cal looks to have made good contact, good enough to drive in that runner at third.

2003 Ultra Manny Ramirez--The result of keeping your eye on the ball as it hits your bat is you can keep your eye on the bat as it clears the left field wall for a homerun.

2002 Ultra Brian Giles--That leads to the homerun trot. Or maybe Brian Giles is happy that I'll be back from vacation tomorrow. Who knows?

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