Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who doesn't love free cards?

Joe over at The Sandlot had a crazy group break. I say crazy because it was free. That's right, free. I'm not sure I could afford to do a free group break even if I used 1990 Donruss cards.

He busted a box of 1997 Metal Universe, 2002 UD Vintage, 1996 Emotion XL, 2003 Topps Chrome and 1998 SPX. I could have listed those in order of production, but I chose to go with the order in which he busted the boxes.

This is a small sample of the Rangers Joe pulled.

1997 Metal Universe
These cards are as wild as any you are likely to come across.
I got 7 of these including Rusty Greer and Ivan Rodriguez.

It's hard to tell from the scan, but it looks like a bomb went off behind Pudge.

This is the back of the Metal Universe card and Pudge doesn't look too happy about that bomb.

2002 UD Vintage
I got 6 of these, but none of them were scan-worthy.

1996 Emotion XL
I got 5 of these including Will Clark and Rusty Greer. These cards have too much border, but they aren't bad. Each one of these has a word down the left side, presumably describing some attribute or "emotion" associated with that player.

2003 Topps Chrome
I got two of these and I'll just show Shrek, AKA Kevin Mench.

Mench was a fan favorite in the short time he was here. He was goofy, looked like a common guy and liked to have fun. I think he played ball like he was a kid on the playground and everyone can relate to that.
1998 SPX.
No Rangers showed up in this box, but it wasn't a big deal.

Joe added a bunch of other Rangers to the package as well as a good number of play at the plate cards. I'll be posting those PATP cards as I go along.

Joe, thanks again for the break!


  1. Whoa, Mench's bat looks crazy. I bet that looks really cool in person since it's chromified.

    Also, I just remember him for his giant head. Or at least, everyone talking about how he had a giant head.

  2. From the picture, it looks like Pudge is about to be eaten by the Blob. :)

  3. No problem dude, glad you liked everything!