Monday, June 7, 2010

Sign of the Times

I'm on vacation this week. That means I had to decide early last week between going a week without posting (shudder!!) or scheduling out posts further than I normally do ( I never blog on the weekends so anything you see from me on Saturday or Sunday was done earlier that week). I decided to use this opportunity to schedule some posts highlighting some quirky cards, some of my favorite Fleer Ultra cards and anything else that I had scanned, but set aside for other reasons. I hope you aren't too bored by this week's selections. I look forward to returning to regular posting next Monday. Fortunately, I'll have my phone so I should be reading/commenting throughout the week time permitting.

I guess Ozzie just hates the media...and the umpires....and opposing players...and...

Get it..."Sign of the Times"? The blog title...get it? Jeffrey Hammonds got it.


  1. I really enjoy getting cards signed that picture the player signing something. It's like one of those perpetual mirror thingys.

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