Friday, June 4, 2010

June Contest Winner Announcement

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest. We had a lot of guesses. Only one person got all seven and two people got the mystery Blug sig at the top of the program.

The signatures were (from left to right, top to bottom):

George (W.) Bush--I got this before a game when I saw him standing by the rail near home plate. No one was around and I spoke to him for about 15 minutes about the team and my college plans. He was really nice and wanted to know all about my impressions of the new ballpark. I'm sure eveyone knows this, but he was a part of the Rangers ownership group at the time. This was before he became the governor of Texas.

Rick Helling
Claude Osteen-pitching coach if I remember correctly.
Rick Honeycutt
Matt Whiteside
Kevin Kennedy--manager
Kenny Rogers--a really nice sig, it is better than the scan shows.

The correct guesses were as follows:

Captain Canuck--6
dayf--5 (One of the two people who guessed Bush)
Night Owl--3
BA Benny--4
Big D--6
dpuccio--7 (the other person to correctly guess Bush and the only person to get all 7 )
Jeremy--4 (He had my favorite incorrect guess with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett)

Quite a few people guessed the Bush auto was Gary Redus.

A note to all you fine readers. If there is a link for a name above, it's because those people have some fine blogs. Go check them out if you don't already follow them. You won't be disappointed. If there isn't a link, it's because they don't have blogs or I don't know about them!

I listed everyone in the List Randomizer at and randomized that list 7 times (once for each auto on the program).

The final list looked like this:

I hope you can read it...the winner was Madding (Kerry) from Cards on Cards. Ironically, or is it coincidentally, I just mailed Kerry a package O' Cardinals yesterday, so I'll be rounding up some more from my ever dwindling supply of Cards cards for him.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!!


  1. I can't believe that was George Bush. Now that I look at it I can see it but I was positive that was Gary Redus. Just ridiculous.

    So you have an ex-president's autograph before he was president. That makes it like a pre-rookie signature, right?

  2. I was going to guess Redus too, but I decided that wasn't it, and I didn't want to get any wrong haha. So I went with the safe six.

  3. OH!! G.W.Bush, I would've never guessed that one. I should have though. I'm just glad I got 4 of 'em right. Cool contest.

  4. Nice! I had a feeling Redus wasn't right. Everything else made sense but that one.

  5. I knew Redus was wrong but he was the only player with a "G" to guess. I actually did think it could be George Bush but figured he wouldn't be close enough to the common folk to give autos. I should have went with him.
    Thanks for a way cool contest.

  6. I'm never going to win one of these.....