Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Pulls from the Past

I had originally wanted to use this post when I was on vacation. Something crazy happened though and my vacation turned into a Fleer Ultra Love Fest. Well, here it is a little later than expected.

This was a great pull back in 1992 when I pulled it from a pack I bought in a little card shop in Hawaii. It wouldn't be a bad pull today, but it has lost some of it's luster as cards are apt to do over time.

This was THE card to get out of 1990 Leaf. I've been thinking about it for days and I seem to remember paying $8 a pack for 2 packs of this and getting the Thomas in one of those packs. That was a lot of money for a pack back in 1992.

Frank Thomas played 19 seasons. Unfortunately for the Big Hurt, injuries plagued the latter stages of his career. He had 5 seasons in which he played in 74 games or less (not counting his rookie year) or his career numbers would have been even more impressive than they are. He hit 521 homers and drove in 1,704 RBIs while hitting .301. He had 9 seasons with 30+ homers, 5 seasons with 40+ homers and 11 seasons with 100+ RBIs. His eye at the plate was well known and he drew bases on balls like crazy. He had a total of 1,667 walks in his career, good enough for 10th on the all-time list. Frank walked away with the A.L. MVP awards in 1993 and 1994.

How long will it take for Frank to enter the Hall of Fame?


  1. First ballot. He has the magic number (500 homers) and has had no steroid business clouding his stats.

  2. I remember shelling out big bucks for those too... Is the Hurt the only card still worth having?

  3. How many guys get in on the first ballot anymore? I don't think they like letting guys in on the first ballot.

    I don't know Troll. I wouldn't mind having a complete set. It was too pricy at the time to go after a whole set.