Sunday, June 6, 2010

A "Thrill"ing package from Stats on the Back

Mark over at Stats on the Back is posting an alphabetic list of cards up for grabs. I missed his "C" post the first time, but managed to find it in time to claim some Will Clark cards. The package included 40 Will Clarks and was a very welcome diversion over the long weekend.

I just realized that I scanned 6 of the 40 cards (well, one is a little Collect-A-Book) and none of them were in a Rangers uni. That is odd.

I'll start off with one of my favorite's from the package.

I'm on record about how much I like the Flair cards and this 1992 Flair Clark is no exception. That would look really nice with a sharpie auto right across the front.

2000 Topps Traded. I hated seeing Will go to the Orioles, but he tore it up in his brief stint with the Cardinals. In 51 games he hit 12 homers, drove in 42 and hit .345. And then he was done.

1990 Score something or other. I've never seen this card and it's not a regular card. Maybe it's an insert. It says Super Star and has the number 30 on the back.

1989 Fleer Baseball's Exciting Stars. Another card I've never seen, but this must be from some small box set.

1990 Donruss (Blue?) A third card I've never seen. And I bought about a million 1990 Donruss cards. Where did the blue ones come from?

This is one of my favorite Will Clark cards. Ever. It's a 1992 Leaf card. I don't normally like pictures of players' backs, but this shows the great swing Clark was known for and you can really see the torque on the bat as it sends the ball off into the bleachers. Great shot and a great horizontal card.

Mark, thanks a bunch and I will be sending you something soon as well!

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