Monday, June 28, 2010

Now THAT's a homer

Location: The Ballpark in Arlington

Date: June 13, 1994

The Mariners are in town to play the Rangers. Ken Griffey Jr. hits a grand slam. That hit is overshadowed by three big homers by Mr. Juiced himself, Jose Canseco. One of those homeruns remains the longest homerun ever hit at the Ballpark.

This homerun was featured in the 1994 Donruss Long Ball Leaders insert. 480 Feet. It was a monster shot that hit the back wall of the visitor's bullpen. I remember it well, because it was one of the games I attended that year.

Last night, Josh Hamilton made a bid to be the new Longball Leader at the Ballpark. He crushed a pitch to right center and it landed in a place only one other ball has ever landed. If you've seen Sportscenter or MLB highlights, you've seen it by now. It landed 6 rows deep at the far left part of the UPPER homerun porch. That is right above the Rangers bullpen. 468 feet away from homeplate. Hopefully you can enlarge the picture of this Specially Designed Highly Customized PATP/OPC card. Notice the the beauty of the design. Big D has nothing to worry about!

Josh Hamilton is having a remarkable month. I'll probably put up a post with his final stats for the month on July 1st. Here's hoping Josh and the Rangers can keep it up as they travel to Anaheim on Tuesday.


  1. Nice diagram to map it out. Now I have to go on and see this bomb.

  2. nice Canseco card?? wanna trade it?? and if you have any other's i'll take them too!!

  3. Hey Al, I "borrowed" that image, but I do have the card somewhere, I just couldn't lay my hands on it to do a scan in time for the post. I'll set aside any Canseso's I find for you.