Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Bowman

I think I said in my Father's day recap that I got two rack packs of Bowman. That should have been two retail packs, not rack packs. I only scanned one card from each pack, but here is a list of what each pack contained.

Pack 1
Justin Morneau
Nelson Cruz
David Herndon RC
Jason Heyward RC

Eric Niesen Chrome
Felix Doubront Chrome
Curtis Granderson Throwbacks
Welington Dotel 1st BC
Matt Adams 1st BC
Kanekoa Texeira Gold

Pack 2
Alex Gordon
Alfonso Soriano
Scott Sizemore RC
Buster Posey RC
Tony Zych Chrome
Konrad Schmidt Blue Refractor #181/250

Dan Haren/Jarrod Parker Expectations
Curtis Petersen 1st BC
Tony Delmonico 1st BC
Johan Santana Gold

Overall I was happy with the two packs. The Jason Heyward base is my first and I pulled a blue refractor which only falls 1:121 packs. I'd probably buy a few more loose packs or rack packs myself if there were ever any on the shelf.

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  1. Not bad. I've opened about 50 packs and haven't pulled a blue refractor. Can you email me your address Brian? I've got some cards ready to go out for you.