Friday, June 11, 2010

Catchers are cool

If you've read more than one of my posts, you know I like catchers. No really, it's true.

Catchers are tough. Catchers take foul tips, wild pitches and sometimes even broken bats to all parts of the body. They have to protect the plate when people of all sizes and shapes are bearing down on them.

Case in point, this amazing 1991 Topps Carlton Fisk card with Cecil Fielder, yes big Cecil, coming in for the kill. (Image borrowed from Night Owl--go read this post now)

Let's continue my vacation celebration with a few Ultra cool catchers, some doing what catchers do, some just looking good doing nothing at all.

2002 Ultra Ivan Rodriguez--Ultra Cool

2002 Ultra Brook Fordyce--He's no Pudge, but that's a nice card.

2002 Ultra Bradon Inge--Here we have a young Inge, demonstrating how NOT to use the leather.

2003 Ultra Ivan Rodriguez--They got the color schemes to match the team colors that year and that is one nice card. Pudge may be in a PED induced trance, but he sports the tools of ignorance well.

2003 Paul Lo Duca--Say goodbye to the nice readers Paul.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great post. Catchers have always been my favorite, I have a huge Pudge collection that I am always adding to. My favorties as a kid were Thurman Munson, Johnny Bench and Rick Dempsey.

  2. Great selection of cards... I agree that catchers are cool. When I was a kid, my coach asked me to play catcher, but I didn't wear the gear. One of my many regrets in life.