Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We have a contest winner...oh and a 10 Game Winner too!

Ubaldo Jimenez is the first 10 Game Winner in the Majors in 2010.

That means we have another winner. You'll recall (or you won't) that I had an opening day contest to predict the first ten game winner in the majors this year. Dan from The Other World and Bud from First Day Issue were the only two people to correctly choose Jimenez. Dan is on vacation and Bud just made a really nice pull so check out their blogs.

I entered Dan and Bud in the famous random.org randomizer and hit "again" three times and the winner was:


Congrats Dan, I'll be sending you some Phils and a pack or three to open.

Just a note to ZMAN...I'll be hitting the card shop on Wednesday so I should have some packs to put in your prize pack and I'll get that out to you Thursday morning.

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