Monday, June 20, 2011

Baseball has a golden opportunity to make a statement to it's fans

Baseball has practically zero competition at the moment. Of the big four sports, it's the only one going.

The NBA Labor agreement expires in 10 days. There's still a chance for the players and owners to come to an agreement before that happens.

The NFL players and owners are stuck and don't seem to be making any progress toward getting a deal finalized. The 2011 season is in real jeapardy. Fans are getting antsy, angry and quite possibly apathetic. That last one should be the biggest fear for the NFL. Football has had a good thing going and I think had taken over as the most popular sport.

The NHL...sorry, but it's the NHL and even though I like the Stars, the league has been losing ground for years.

Major League Baseball and the players union are discussing a new labor agreement because the current deal expires on December 12, 2011. If the powers that be in MLB and the MLBPA have any sense, they'll get a deal worked out as soon as possible. I mean like yesterday. Start advertising during games and AT games that they care about the fans and the GAME of baseball and how they came to an agreement to preserve those two facts. "Look, we care about you and the game...not like the NFL who is screwing you over, taking away your football teams".

This is a golden opportunity for baseball to regain some of the ground it lost to the NFL. What baseball doesn't need is to take the labor talks down to the wire. Get a deal done NOW before the fans have a chance to really start thinking about it.


  1. I think the NHL has actually been gaining ground in recent years. Maybe not against the NFL but definitely the NBA and to a lesser extent, MLB.

  2. That makes so much sense. So of course it will never happen. Too much greed.

  3. Drop, I hope you're right. I really like hockey. The games are great to watch in person because you don't have to stare at the puck all the time. The action away from the puck is fun to watch.

  4. I agree that the NHL has made up ground since their last strike. They are definitely closer to the NBA then they used to be.

    But I agree. Maybe if MLB can get it done and starts taking pokes at the NFL, they'll realize they need to step it up.

  5. I totally agree with you on this. If the NBA and NFL both strike, some younger fans could really be drawn into baseball. I am a football fan so would miss it some, but wouldn't even notice the NBA wasn't playing.

  6. Great post. One can only hope they will listen to you!