Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Ol' Box 'O Goodness

Scott over at Smed's Baseball Card Blog did a little...I mean a lot of spring cleaning. You've been seeing the results of his cleaning popping up around the 'sphere.

I claimed the Rangers (no surprise there) and the Giants (big surprise!). No one else seemed to want the Giants and I figured I could use whatever Scott sent to pay off a World Series bet with a former Navy buddy of mine who lives in the Bay area.

After I pull out the Will Clarks of course.

Needless to say, I was blown away by the sheer quantity of cards Scott sent over. There were more than 350 Giants cards and more than 300 Rangers.

Here is a glimpse of the box. It doesn't really do the box justice.

The box had all kinds of stuff in it, from vintage Rangers to "super rare" inserts.

There were Clarks...both Giant and Ranger versions.

There were play at the plate cards and recent SPs.

There were purple refractors and on-card autos.

I didn't scan everything, but there were also oddballs, minis, mid 80 OPCs, serial numbered parallels, shiny chromies, minor league issues and everything in between.

Scott, thanks for the huge box of greatness. I'm sure when I'm finished sorting the Rangers, it will knock lots of cards off my wantlists.


  1. I did my Smed spring cleaning post this evening too.

  2. I know. Smed really lightened his load.

  3. Scott doesn't mess around!!! The quantity and variety in his packages is amazing! Very nice stuff... 100s of cards and on card autos, you can't miss with all that... I opted not to participate in spring cleaning - I promised myself and my wife that I would organize a little before I took on any more BIG packages... Really wish I hadn't as I see everyone posting their take. Again, GREAT stuff!