Monday, June 20, 2011

Only 2 to go

Thanks to a very generous offer by John from Pursuit of 80's(ness) and Pursuit of Red Sox, I am oh so close to getting my 60th ring from the Topps Diamond Giveaway.

His latest email included 3 more codes which I turned into one 1969 Seattle Pilots card, two unmentionable cards, and three rings. The three rings I "dug" were the Chicago White Stockings, St. Louis Cardinals and Ted Williams. Literally 2 minutes after I offered them up, I had received the Diamondbacks, Indians and Padres rings in trades.

That leaves two rings to reach the magic number of 60.

Before you generous people offer up your Pirates and Nats rings, I don't have any duplicate rings to trade. I've managed to trade every duplicate so far. As soon as I can get a couple more codes, I think I'll be done with the rings.

I'm still holding out for Topps Series 2 value packs with the hopes that they'll include Gypsy Queen packs.

By the way, check out John's blog The Pursuit of 80's(ness). Back on June 2nd, he was looking for someone to trade several teams of cards with...there are some good teams to be claimed.

John, thanks for the generosity! I'll be getting something headed your way now that I have your address.


  1. Wow nice, only two more to go? So then you even have the Mantle ring? Everywhere I've seen people waiting for a ring it was for the Mantle ring.

  2. I unlocked the Mantle some time ago. Unfortunately I didn't know it was a big deal until later so I didn't have the chance to get all excited.

  3. as someone who is completely out of the loop, may I ask what these rings are, how do you get them, and what happens when you get 60?

    yeah, I know.... I'm Canadian, that's my excuse.

  4. Congrats on being so close. You won't have any problem trading for the other two rings. People seem to accept trades for almost any ring pretty quickly.

    Canuck, there are code cards randomly inserted into Topps packs. You enter those into and you unlock a card that you can have shipped to you, and a virtual ring. If you collect 60 different rings, you win a real ring. There are prizes for 5, 10, 15, and 45 virtual rings too. I guess that explains it.

  5. Nice, and here I sit getting pretty excited that I'm close to 45 so I get the set of cards!

    I have both of those so when you pull a ring or two I don't have let me know and they're yours!

  6. a real ring hey? Like some Josten's class ring or something? Very cool.

  7. Great job !! The last two will no problem at all. I only wish I could find a Mantle, that's all I need. I think a lot of people out there will be, or are in my position.

    Good Luck !!

  8. e-mail me when you get an extra ring and I'll help you out! Would love to see a fellow blogger get to that 60th ring! Did you redeem your complete 60th anniversary set yet?

  9. Thanks guys. Rest assured that I'll have a post after I get #60.