Monday, June 13, 2011

A disappointing return

I'm back from my week at camp. I had a great time despite the unbelievable Texas heat.

Returning from camp was not disappointing.

I returned to the Dallas Mavericks winning their first NBA Title. That wasn't disappointing.

I returned to three trade packages waiting to be ripped open. That wasn't disappointing.

I also returned to a find an envelope with my son's name on it. It was in my handwriting, which could only mean it was a TTM envelope we sent to the Rangers. He and I didn't send any TTMs to the Rangers during Spring Training, but sent out a handful after the season started. This was our first return.

I handed it over to him and he carefully opened it. Out fell our two cards and this.

Included along with the cards, was a note that said, "Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate an am thankful for every one of my fans and the amount of encouragement I receive is remarkable. Due to the amount of fan mail I receive, I am unable to sign items that are sent in. Please accept one of my cards for your collection.

All my best,
Ian Kinsler"

I can understand a player not taking the time to sign, but it was still a little hard to see the disappointment on my son's face. I explained that not every TTM request is a success so he's ok with that. We still have some more requests out there, so hopefully a successful envelope will make it's way back to us soon.

**June Contest note**
Due to the craziness surrounding the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Title, my night didn't go quite as I'd planned and I'll be working on the contest post for Tuesday.

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  1. Call it good. Ian ate my cards. At least that's what I assume happened since I never got them back signed or unsigned.