Friday, June 24, 2011

Serial Madness!

I love Serial. Honey Nut Cheerios is my favorite Serial. You might be wondering why I'm spelling Serial that way. It's because I recently received my prize from the Big Kahuna over at Enough Already. He was holding a sort of numbers contest which really just required you to answer some questions and then get lucky in the randomization. I got lucky. Very, very lucky.

The box the Kahuna sent over actually had two boxes inside it. They were labeled #1 and #2 with instructions on which to open first. Being a former military guy, I can follow directions, even though deep down insider I prefer not too. I played along and boy was I shocked.

Here is a smattering, a small sample, a peek if you will, at the cards the very generous Kahuna sent over.

A future Hall of Famer trio of 2008 Topps Finest Adrian Peterson Finest Moments cards. #312/629, #274/629 and #357/629 respectively.

A current Hall of Famer duo of 2007 Topps Triple Threads Gale Sayers cards. Green #55/199 and Red #464/1449.

A 2008 Donruss Classics School Colors Robert Killebrew auto #42/50. For the boy of course.

A 2009 Topps Career Best Ray Lewis jersey #30/99.

A manu-patch 2009 UD Icons Rocky Bleier #4/66.

A 2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars Prime Patch of former Dallas Cowboy Julius Jones #6/50. Also grabbed up by the boy. I'm assuming that's a piece of a number, which he thinks is "awesome".

My first football relic of one of the best two sport athletes ever. A 2008 SPX Winning Materials Bo Jackson jersey #53/99.

The lowest numbered football card in the bunch was this 2010 Topps Supreme Ray Rice #5/5.

I know what you're thinking. The Kahuna held back on the baseball cards. You would be wrong.

The highest numbered card in the whole lot was this 1996 Diamond King Henry Rodriguez #8387/10000. Way back in 1996, a card numbered to 10K was a big deal.

A very nice designed (for the most part) on card 2008 Sweet Spot Greg Smith auto # 125/399. It would look so much nicer if the middle of the card wasn't gunked up with the "Sweet Beginnings" and the serial number.

A nice 2008 Bowman J.R. Towles on card auto #107/500. It looks like a sticker, but it's not.

A very shiny, refractory 2009 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor on card Jason Jaramillo auto #8/50.

A very die-cut 2000 Crown Royale Tony Gwynn Premiere Date #22/121. I busted a few boxes of this back in the day and pulled a few of these die-cuts. I wish I still had them.

A great addition to the pc is this 2008 Topps Co-Signers Joe Mauer#255/300.

I haven't seen many of these Just Minors cards and I've never seen one like this one. It's a 2008 Just Minors Andrew McCutchen silver #9/25. Great Aflac sign in the background.

The shock of the prize box was this 2010 National Chicle Adrian Gonzalez Yellow Printing Plate #1/1. I know printing plates are looked down on by some collectors, but this is my first one and until I get jaded, I think it's nice to have one.

I would be remiss if I didn't give you a breakdown of the contents of this totally awesome "Serial" box. The Big Kahuna sent a total of 348 serial numbered cards.

1 Nascar card- #/299

4 NBA cards-#/75, #/399, #/999(relic), #/1500

10 NHL cards-#/500 to #/1999 including one relic.

96 Baseball cards-
6-#/99 or less
24-#/100-199 or less
12-#/200-299 or less
5-#/300-399 or less
9-#400-499 or less
10-#500-599 or less
4-#/600-699 or less
23-#/1000-4999 or less
2-#/9000-10000 or less

7 Baseball autos: #/10, #/50, #/100, #/300, #/399, 2X #/500

204 Football cards:
4-#/50 or less
8-#/54-99 or less
32-#/100-199 or less
20-#/200-299 or less
9-#/300-399 or less
10-#/400-499 or less
24-#/500-599 or less
28-#/600-999 or less
62-#/1000-4999 or less
6-#/5000-8799 or less

21 Football relics:
10-#/199 or less

3 Football autos, all #/150 or less

One Pinnacle Metal Works Drew Bledsoe metal card #/400

I forgot to get a shot of it, but the Kahuna said the "grand prize" was the Ryan Leaf Box Topper. Well, it WAS nice, but it wasn't the grand prize.

Thanks Big Kahuna! That was an amazing prize box and a lot of fun to go through.


  1. We aim to please! Glad you guys liked it!

  2. A fool and his honey (nut cheerios) are soon parted...