Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Four against Three against One

I really wanted to title this post "Take that David DeJesus", but I didn't think one single person would read it.

I finally found one lonely blaster of Gypsy Queen at the local Target. I snatched it up since I haven't busted a single pack yet. I also bought 4 rack packs of Topps Series 2 and one of those 3 pack blisters of Bowman that has the purple parallels.

Let's see the highlights from each product and see which was the best choice.

First up, the Bowman.

None of the purple parallels did anything for me, but the first pack did reveal this beauty.

The only Bowman's Best insert I really wanted...and I pulled it myself. Welcome home Josh Hamilton.

The last pack gave up a little over-hyped love.

The high strung Harper, chrome version. If he blows many more kisses at pitchers, he won't last. He'll take a fastball off the face paint and not many people will feel sorry for him.

Let's move on to the 4 Topps Series 2 rack packs. I was disppointed that I only pulled one code card. It did however lead to my 54th ring, leaving me only 6 away from the magic number of 60.

I didn't get a hit, but I didn't expect one either. I did get one of those shiny diamond parallels I like.

It's Sir Albert, but it's really just checklist #5, or card 547.

Next up is the Diamond Stars parallel of Evan Longoria. I guess the Topps folks heard how popular those diamond parallels were and took it to the next level.

In four racks, I only picked up one Ranger.

I agree with Night Owl's assessment that an MVP deserves better than this.

Now for the Gypsy Queen. I've been in a couple of Gypsy Queen breaks, but these are the first packs I've busted for myself. I was almost certain I'd get a David DeJesus auto, but I didn't. I may be one of the few bloggers who didn't.

I pulled one of the bronze paper whatever you call it and it was Jon Lester.

The "hit" of the blaster, and the only card worth "scanning" was this one.

A sepia mini of some guy name Robinson Cano. You may have heard of him.

It was #11/99 if that matters. I'd be more than happy to trade this for a similar mini of Hamilton or Young...or probably any Rangers player. I did get a couple of Gypsy Queen red back minis...Josh Beckett and Franklin Gutierrez. I don't know what it is about minis...I just love 'em. It's a sickness.

I also really like the Wall Climber and Sticky Finger sets. I think they need a "Play at the Plate" set next year.

So, which product was the best? I'll go with GQ since it was my first experience. I'm done with Bowman for sure. I'm going to hold our on buying more Topps Series 2 in the hope that the Value Boxes will return.


  1. Damn! Can no one produce the sepia prado card?

  2. Nice pulls. Love the Hamilton Best card, and that insert set in general.