Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jeez...I'm embarrased for them

Angry Vancouver fans set car ablaze

VANCOUVER— Globe and Mail Update
Published Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2011 9:23PM EDT

While Vancouver fans cheered their team after its loss in Rogers Arena, crowds on downtown streets lit bonfires, overturned vehicles and torched one of them.

On Georgia Street, outside the Canada Post building near Library Square, Canucks fans overturned a sedan and danced on it, before setting it ablaze. They also flipped a truck and another car.

The smoke rose into a blue early evening sky, and was visible several blocks away. The crowd hurled water bottles and other objects at the flaming car, then slowly moved back, giving it a buffer. Neon-vested police officers could be seen urging fans away from the fire.

Other police, decked out in riot gear, arrived on the scene, where fans tossed bottles at them. Some fans set fire to jerseys.

Dallas knows how to celebrate. No riots, no burning cars and only a few arrests for public intox. Vancouver can't even lose graciously. I'm sure many Vancouverites and Canadians in general are embarrassed by the actions of the Canuck "fans".

Is it really necessary to riot and burn cars after your team wins (or loses) a sports championship?


  1. But if you don't burn cars, how will everyone know that you have EMOTIONS?!?!


    haha, I originally typed cards accidentally. burning cards would really be taking things too far.

  2. In England we usually get totally hammered and fall down,much better than torching a horseless carriage.