Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Impossible Five?

I've managed to get three of the Texas Ranger Diamond Die Cut cards into my portfolio on the Topps Diamond Giveaway Site. All three came by way of trading the three DDC cards I was fortunate enough to unlock.

So far I have these three cards.

Nelson Cruz. I unlocked a Colby Rasmus DDC and someone offered me the Cruz for it. It didn't take long for me to make the decision to accept the offer.

Neftali Feliz. I unlocked a Dan Haren DDC and offered it for every DDC Ranger on the board. The trade that was accepted netted me the Feliz.

Ian Kinsler. The third and final DDC I currently have came via a double trade. Hoping to help out another blogger, I offered the Clay Buchholz I unlocked for a Kevin Youkilis. The person I was trying to help didn't get the trade in time, but someone else did. Someone then offered me the Kinsler for the Youk and I took it.

That leaves five Texas Ranger DDC cards I still need. I'm going to have to get extremely lucky to unlock anymore DDC cards to trade. It's not like people are accepting vintage cards in trade for them. I know I haven't accepted any.

Here are the five I still need.

Vladimir Guerrero. He only played in Texas for one season, but he was pretty popular. It helped that he had a really good season.

Adrian Beltre. Probably the easiest one of the five to get in trade. Not that he's a bad player, but he's not an established Ranger. From what I've seen so far, he's an amazing defensive player.

Michael Young. My favorite current Ranger and one of my top 5 All-Time faves. The Rangers hold on first place has been tenuous all season. If Michael Young had been traded before the season, there is no way the Rangers would be in first. He's carried the whole offense at times.

Josh Hamilton. Without a doubt, this will be the second most difficult DDC to get. Of course, it really depends on finding the right card to offer.

Last, but not least, Nolan Ryan. I have a feeling it's going to take another DDC Legend to get my hands on this card.

I'm hoping that Topps Value boxes will be back soon, preferably with Gypsy Queen packs inside. That way I can actually get two cards for two sets I need. Oh yea, a few more codes would be nice too!

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