Friday, June 17, 2011

A Trio of Sorts

I'm woefully behind on posting trade packages. I normally try to dedicate one whole post to each trade because I think the people who send me stuff deserve at least that much. Unfortunately, due to my continued lack of a scanner, I've fallen behind. I'm still using that IPhone app to get these "scans". Hopefully my trading partners won't hold it against me that they're sharing space or that I'm only pulling a card or two from each package. I'm not going in any particular order either, just pulling out packages from my locker. So let's get to this trio shall we?

First up is a package from Greg over at Wolverine Musings. After you read this post, you should go check out his blog and follow along as he muses about Michigan stuff. Greg claimed the Tigers in my Bowman Blaster tradeathon.

Greg threw this 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Kyle Russell auto as a surprise. It's numbered 70/594 (random) and will go straight to the kid in my house who LOVES the Texas Longhorns.

I've received the regular Chrome version of Jurickson Profar and now I have the purple refractor. It's #679/700. I sure hope he makes it because I love that name. So far he's hitting .274 with 6 homers for the Class A Hickory Crawdads this year.

Next up are a couple of Gypsy Queen goodies from the fine fellows over at Community Gum.

First up is one of those green paper parallels. Ian is slumping lately, but he did hit a homerun in the 2nd game against the Yankees. I'm hoping he does something else to help in game 3 of the series. I'm scheduling this a couple of days ahead of time so by the time you read it, I'll know how he did. I'll probably forget to come back and edit this.

I think this is what prompted the trade. It's my first and so far, only, relic from GQ. Hey, if you're going to only have one, why not make it one of the reigning A.L. MVP? I also got a handful of other GQ cards, including the Ivan Rodriguez Sticky Fingers. I like that card a lot.

Last up is the best card from my first trade with Charlie over at the Lifetime Topps Project blog.

Charlie pulled this Gypsy Queen Adrian Beltre Leather Mini (not leather) #9/10. I started salivating and he was kind enough to trade it to me.

It's not often I send off a trade package knowing I need to send more, but I'll be on the lookout for more stuff for Charlie's extensive wantlists. I sent a decent stack of cards, but I owe him more for this one. And the other stuff he sent like the Colby Lewis red Gypsy back mini.

Thanks to all three of you guys for continuing what has been the very best part of blogging...the trade. I appreciate you taking the time to send cards my way and I hope we can trade again down the road.


  1. Love the Kyle Russell. Nice additions.

  2. Man I am FAR behind in everything... I still haven't seen any Gypsy Queen, nevermind own any... I need to get on it cuz those look damn cool! Nice stuff Brian!