Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My kind of 6 pack

This isn't your PBR, Heineken or local micro brewery 6 pack. This is a "Play at the Plate is really, really, really far behind on his trade posts so he's gonna show 1 card from 6 different trade packages" 6 pack.

Or what we like to call the PATPiRRRFBoHTPsHGSOCfSDTP 6 pack. Kinda catchy, don't you think?

Ok, we'll go in chronological order here. I just pulled 6 trade packages out of my locker and here we go.

#1--Dayf aka Cardboard Junkie 11-29-10 (ouch, that was a long time ago)

I seem to recall commenting about something on one of Dayf's posts and he responded by sending me three unopened packs of these ginormous 1985 Topps cards. He also included this:

I just had to leave the note on "The Lone Ranger" in the set. Thanks Dayf!

#2--Kerry from Cards on Cards 3-16-11

Kerry and I have traded numerous times and it generally starts with one of us sending a random, unexpected package. In a previous collecting period in my life (1998-2003), I seemed to pull a lot of serial numbered Cardinals and Kerry gladly takes them off my hands. This package contained this little gem:

I generally don't buy Panini stickers and I know I didn't buy any in 1990, so adding this 1990 Panini Nolan Ryan sticker to my collection is great. Actually, anytime I can a Nolan Ryan Ranger anything is great. Thanks Kerry!

#3--Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter 4-22-11

The danger of waiting too long to do a trade post is that you (me) might forget what got the trade talk started in the first place. This is one of those times. I don't remember what got Spiegel and me talking, but whatever it was netted me some nice Rangers cards, including this:

This is my 2nd 2007 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Michael Young jersey card. That works out great since my son took the first one! Now I get one too. Thanks Spiegel.

#4--Jon and Andy from Community Gum 4-23-11

I participated in Community Gum's big Fleer multi-box break and one of the guys on my PC list had a hit. A hit for an unclaimed team. So I managed to work a trade and along with the Rangers from the break, I got this:

Joe MOJOauer from 2005 Fleer Showcase. What, not impressed? How about the fact that it's #427/610? What...still not enough? How about that sliver of a pinstripe at the bottom of the swatch? Still nothing? You guys are a tough crowd. Thanks Jon and Andy and by the way, congrats again on your "new" online business!

#5--Nick from For Cards Sake 4-25-11

I do remember what sparked this trade. Nick had a bunch of 2007 Bowman Heritage he wanted to get rid of and I got hooked on those cards buying discount blasters last year. I jumped on the opportunity to pick these up and he gladly sent them over along with this:

Michael Young is still my favorite Texas Ranger, but due to trading with the blogosphere, it's getting harder and harder to find Young cards I don't have. I had never even seen this card so making it a part of my collection was an added bonus in what was already a great trade. Thanks Nick!

#6--Kirk from CaptKirk 42's Trading Card Blog 4-30-11

I don't remember what facilitated this trade, but I did help Kirk out with the Topps MCG so that might have been it. He sent over a healthy stack of Rangers, but this was the one that suprised me:

I pulled a couple of relics out of 2010 Topps retail packs, but like many of you, I never pull "hits" for my own team. This one took one more off the wantlist. Thanks Kirk!

If you made it this far, please be sure you have a designated driver to help you get home. You just had a whole six pack and I want you to be safe.

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  1. Brian,
    Yes it was the MCG that facilitated the trade. Glad I could help you out as well.

    The odd thing about that is when I was looking for Rangers cards to send you I knew I had a Peak Performance GU card but couldn't remember who/or what team until I found it hiding in a stack of other Topps 2010 cards.