Thursday, June 2, 2011

A blaster and a half mailday

Normally when I write a post about the US Post Office, it's a whiny, griping post about the slow lines or unfriendly postal workers.

Today I had a different experience. For the first time ever, I walked into the post office and there wasn't a single person in line. Not one!

Right after I walked in, an older gentleman wearing a Navy Veteran cap walked up behind me. I politely offered for him to go first because I had 17 trade packages to mail. That's right. One seven, 17. The lady behind the counter was even nice today.

So, if you live in the following zip codes, you should be getting something from Texas shortly:

21117 (Julie)

Wait. That's only 16. I counted twice. I'm sure it was 17. Crap. I wonder if she threw one in the bin without weighing it. If I get a package back without any postage on it, I'm taking back all the nice thoughts I had about the USPS today.

By the way, if you're wondering about the title, the total cost was $31.95. That's the most I've ever spent in one mailing.

Go Mavs!


  1. Even though we don't have a trade going on, I was still hoping to see my zip code. Hahahah!

  2. I mailed off about $45.00 worth of packages two days ago and had the same pleasant experience...weird huh? Alas, I didn't see my zip code so I guess that means we ought to work out a trade soon!

  3. There's a Julie who lives in my neighborhood?

  4. Yep. She writes the blog Things are Funner Here.

  5. Who's in Richmond?? We's dang near neighbors!! I'm down in 23320. Hey Julie, if you read this, drop me an email with your addy, I gots some cards for you... I love it when I get to the post, there's only one person in the room other than me (the clerk) and it still takes forever to get out of there!! He's a Phillies fan too!

  6. I'm in Richmond! Trade package coming my way!

    @PATP: Too much crap happened today for me to get your package out. It's definitely going tomorrow though!

    @dawgbones: I'll let you know if I get down for a Tides game this year. Maybe you can join me!

  7. 17??????

    You've got some easy-going people down there. The folks here in line would lynch me.

    I believe my record is 8, maybe 9. I'm sure I felt guilty the whole time the dude was weighing the packages.

  8. @ spiegel and Fan of reds...we'll get a trade going when I get back from vacation!

    @ Ryan: No worries.

    @ Night Owl: The funny thing is there was no one in line behind me either. A lady walked in just as the last package was getting it's postage label. It was great. I always feel a little self conscious if I have more than a few packages, but I normally don't have many. I think my previous record was around 7.

  9. My record is nine. I actually enjoy it when there's a line, because I get to see how stupid people really are.

  10. Who's in Portland? Practically neighbors :)