Friday, June 14, 2013

Not all blasters are created equally

Yesterday I wrote about my first 2013 Archives blaster.  I was fortunate enough to pull a gold parallel of Ryne Sandberg and a Trevor Cahill relic (if you count pulling a DBack relic as fortunate).  Beating the odds like I did, I bought another blaster.  I should have left well enough alone. 

Let's see if you can see which team was favored by this blaster. 

Miguel Cabrera is almost too big a guy to be on one of these Tall Boys.  I like these, but I'm not planning on collecting all of them.  These are 1:5, but stay tuned, because I'll have another one to show before this post is finished.  I'm still not sure if I want to collect the base set, but let's assume I am and see how much closer this blaster gets me.  Yesterday I said I had 52 base cards from the first blaster, but it was actually 53. 
Pack 1 gets me 7 cards I needed so now I stand at an even 60, or 30% complete.

Pack 2 had a Leon Durham 1983 All Star insert, but I like Joe Mauer so you get to see Joe Mauer.  The color scheme is ok, but I still don't like the 1990 design.  I needed all 7 of these base cards so that puts me at 67 cards, or 33.5%.

I don't know about all the 4-in-1 inserts, but this one is pretty nice.  That's a great group of players right there.  Gwynn, Boggs, Ripken and Sandberg.  4 Hall of Famers, 75 years of MLB experience, 5861 runs scored, 11721 hits, 2127 doubles, 966 homers and 4908 RBIs.  Wow.  Also, another 7 base cards toward the set. That gives me 74 cards, or 37%.

Have you figured out yet which team is going to be well represented in this blaster?  Well, I'll give you hint.  This card is your hint.  Subtle, I know.  This Dave Lopes SP is the first one I've gotten in the blaster.  I also picked up a Joe Nathan base card, the first Ranger out of this one.  Unfortunately, 5 of the 7 base cards in this pack were dupes from yesterday.  That leaves at 76 cards, or 38% completed.

Always happy to see a Johnny Bench insert so I don't have to chase it down later.  This pack had 5 Reds cards, including this one.  Every single base card in that pack was a dupe. My hopes of getting to 50% completion are slipping away. 

Three packs to go and I pull one of these nice Gallery of Heroes cards.  It's a Yankee, but at least it's harmless Yogi Berra and he IS a catcher.  I also got a Bob Tewskbury SP and 6 more duplicate base cards.  *Sigh*

The second to the last pack had one card I hadn't pulled before.  This already spoken for Clayton Kershaw Tall Boy.  Damn this blaster. 

The last pack and yet another Dodger.  This time it's the All Star insert for one Pedro Guerrero.  You guessed it too, another 7 dupes.  So after two blasters, I have 78 cards towards the 200 card base set.  I don't plan on opening anymore Archives, so completing the set may prove a challenge.

I'm not sure I'm up for another challenge.



  1. I'd say go for the base set. But seeing how I'm a set collector, my viewpoint is a bit biased.

  2. The foursome on that sticker card is amazing.....

  3. I went looking for something to help the exchange for the Kershaw card and out of a measly rack pack I found a little Ranger-centric hit!

    1. Lucky me!! If you need the Lopes card too ill add it.

  4. Whenever I see one of his cards, "Hey, Hey Boo Boo, How about a nice Lil Pic-a-Nic-a Basket!!" springs to mind!!