Thursday, May 22, 2014

Breakin' Bad can be Good

I'm a team collector first and foremost.  I've discovered that can lead to much heartache as the reality that I'll never have a complete Rangers collection.  The advent of parallel cards alone will see to that.  The pursuit of the a complete team set from every product can be approached from different directions.  You can bust packs.  That gets expensive very quickly.  You can trade with others and quite honestly, that's my favorite way to get my Rangers cards.  There's also box or case breaks.

About 10 days ago, I saw a break on Ebay that was really cheap.  It was a 1/2 Jumbo Case of 2014 Bowman.  That's 4 Jumbo boxes.  I'd been watching these off and on since Bowman had come out.  The Rangers, I believe driven by the ridiculous Russell Wilson SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSP, had been selling for about $40-$45 for a 1/2 case break.  The one I was watching was sitting under $20.  I ended up winning the auction for $19.50.  I just hoped that I'd end up with something worthwhile for the price of a blaster.

I think it was one of the best breaks I've been in Rangers wise.

I got all the base cards and dupes and some of the State Flag cards.   I also got a few nice parallels.

I got two of the Blue Wave Minis.  They were both of Rougned Odor and are numbered /250.  I watched the other half case break by the same seller (where the Rangers sold for $44 and pulled one base auto by the way) and these were the only two blue wave minis in the whold case.

I also got a blue refractor auto of Yohander Mendez #120/150.  That was nice, but the hit of the case for me was this card.

That's a Luke Jackson green refractor auto #69/75.  Those are selling pretty well.  As pretty as it is, I think I'm going to end up trading it to Judson for his pursuit of all the Jackson autos.  He's promised me $$$ worth of cards.  Or maybe I made that up.

Anyway, I was very happy with the results and if I had pulled all that out of a blaster, I would have probably passed out right there in the Walmart parking lot.  That's where I open all my cards you know.  At least it was before the card aisle shrank down to nothing.


  1. I've got to get me one of those Roughned Odor cards for my silly name collection.

    I, too, do the parking lot thing.

    1. Wait... there's seriously a player named Rougned Odor? That's awesome!

  2. WOW!!!! That was just half a case? I've had some good luck with case breaks, but never EVER anything this good. Bowman is my favorite product for group breaks because at the very worst you'll end up with some fat stacks of cards and a couple parallels you may need. Anything else is a bonus in my eye, but you hit the jackpot. Congrats man!

  3. Great break! Congrats on the great cards you picked up.

  4. Congrats on the break.
    I never open packs in the parking lot, I always open them at home. But "home" is less than a 2 minute drive from the parking lot.