Friday, March 6, 2015

I won what?

Recently, Matt of Bob Walk the Plank fame, reached his one year anniversary and held a simple contest.  Thank goodness it was simple because I entered and was one of the winners.

Boy, does Matt know how to send out a prize package.  Take a gander at these goodies.

So, way back in 2014, these Leaf Memories buy back cards hit the market.  Bob must have hit the mother lode.  This Jack Daugherty is stamped right there by his foot #5/5.  

This 2014 Memories Kevin Brown is #3/5.  Matt either bought a bunch of these packs or did some shopping for this prize pack.

Moving on to a Topps bright red jersey swatch with this Yu Darvish #11/18.  I like the bright red swatch and will take it over a plain white or grey swatch any day.  Even if it is just a piece of curtain from a renovation of the Rangers' clubhouse.  I kid, I kid.

Elvis Andrus has one ugly signature, but I'll take it any day of the week.  This design is not very appealing but just think, Elvis Andrus actually held the sheet of stickers this auto came from!!!  (Where is that sarcasm font again?)

I sure hope Matt Harrison can get back on the mound someday.  Maybe then he can have another auto in Lineage something.  

Now we're really walking the plank.  Sweet Derek Holland Triple Threads auto relic #25/50.  Most posts would find this as the top dog, but there is one card that I like better because its's an auto I didn't have until now.

This is another one of those 2014 Leaf Memories and it's a Goose Gossage auto hand numbered 4/54. I believed that's the first Goose auto in my collection.

Matt, you went way above and beyond and I do appreciate it!!


  1. Congrats on the win and package. Great cards

  2. Last year a guy was selling a big lot of Leaf Memories on eBay. I went after it because he had a lot of the Buccos. The rest made for unique trade bait. Glad you liked the cards.

  3. I once heard Goose made it into the HOF for his mustache alone. Deservedly so.

    Nice winnings!

  4. Awesome cards! Congrats on the win!

  5. Great cards and congrats on your victory.

    I almost forgot Goose pitched for the Rangers.

  6. Love that Darvish! And Goose pitched for the Ranger?