Monday, March 23, 2015

My second TTM returns...and it's my best ever!

Ok, I realize as I read the title that only having two TTM returns and describing one as the best ever doesn't mean it had much competition.  Well, regardless of how many I might have, this will always rank right up there at the top for baseball returns.

I sent two cards to the Texas Rangers campus on February 27th.

They were returned today.

(Sent 2/27/15 returned 3/23/15 total = 24 days)

I was very happy to open the envelope and find not one, but two Adrian Beltre autographed cards. He has a unique signature and I'm happy to have these two in my growing (3 now...) collection of TTM cards.


  1. Wow he does have a pretty great sig. He doesn't skimp on the swoops and loops! You know who has a terrible signature, Nyjer Morgan!

  2. Oh and I do love the way the Ginter's look signed. By far my favorite to get autographed if possible.

  3. Congrats on the fantastic returns.

    Oh and welcome to the TTM game :).

  4. good golly miss molly. i sent a request to beltre a few years ago that resulted in a team issued preprint. i may have to try again.

  5. I mentioned on Twitter, but congrats! What a great addition to your collection.

  6. I have a couple of his autos from his Dodger days, his signature hasn't changed much.