Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is a quote from a Fox 4 News story here in Dallas.

"Devon La Russa, the daughter of St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, made headlines Sunday during Game 4 of the World Series with a tweet.

“I saw a crack head doing ‘The Wash’ today. Coincidence? I think not,” she posted.

La Russa’s daughter took the offending post down quicker than a fast ball and put the following message in its place.

“I really truly did not mean to be offensive! It's a phrase I use, meant as a joke. Please don't be offended! Go Cards!!!” she said."

When will people realize that social media is just It's also very, very public. Once you say, or type, something that is viewed by others, it's out there and even if you take it back, you still said it. It's kind of like that idiot Rangers fan who threw the wiffle ball on the field in Game 3.

Just plain dumb.

Stay classy Devon.


  1. Yeah, not super impressed with the La Russa kids. His other daughter is a Raiders cheerleader apparently.

  2. nope... she never made the squad. Apparently during an "evening out" she fell down a flight of stairs at a bar and damaged her vertabrae pretty bad. So no dance for her. Pole or Pom Pom.

  3. As much as such comments disgust me the fact is that Washington has opened himself to them. He just needs to ignore them and stay the course. A reminder to everyone on both sides that actions have consequences.