Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saint or Packsearcher?

My mother-in-law has done it again. She knows about my self-imposed "no spending" decree for the month of October, but that didn't stop her from spending $10 on a couple of 2011 Topps Update rack packs for me. I've seen a few of these pop up on other blogs so I was having a hard time resisting the urge to buy one. Or two.

Each rack pack came with a couple of sparklies as well as an assortment of other inserts. I pulled the best two cards from each rack pack to show you.

After some investigating, I believe this is the Cognac Diamond Anniversary parallel. I'll never complain about pulling a Ranger parallel, even if Night Owl can't understand how I do it. The truth is, after I opened the second rack pack, I asked my mother-in-law if she was packsearching. Of course she had no idea what I was talking about OR that I was joking.

This one came as a surprise. I haven't pulled too many of the "Legend" SPs so I was glad to get one of the newest member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I've only seen the contents of two rack packs plus some other packs online, but this may be the best photo in the update set. The design gets in the way, but it's a great shot of Dee Gordon.

This is the card that made me question my mother-in-law's packsearching skills. I kid. It's the Hope Diamond Anniversary parallel and it's numbered #35/60. I was a little shocked to pull another shiny Feliz and even more shocked when I turned it over and saw it was numbered so low. Or numbered at all for that matter.

Overall, I have to say I was happy with the contents of my two rack packs. I'm sure I'll buy some next month to finish out the set. You never know. Maybe I'll hit some more Ranger mojo. Maybe I'll get my mother-in-law to pick out my packs.


  1. Can I borrow your Mother-in-Law? Like, just for a little bit?

  2. I'm still sticking by the vomit designation for those "cognac" cards.

    Also, someone clearly likes drinking way too much at Topps.

  3. Nice packs. I'd love to trade for Bert if he up for grabs.

  4. those SPs are very cool. I've gotten 2 in the last month! Robin Roberts from series 2 and Larry Walker from update.

  5. That's awesome. Congrats on the Feliz! I have a Beltre all-star gold that's badly damaged on the bottom if you want it.
    I too pulled a Bert from my packs. I got the series 2 SP Cognac version. I'm liking update so far.

  6. Nice Gordon! Just sayin!!!

    And, yes, I still don't know how you do it. Not only all the Ranger parallel pulling, but getting your mother-in-law to buy you cards in a month when you can't buy cards.

    You know what my mother-in-law did yesterday? She had surgery.

    Yup, getting no cards.

    (But she made it through fine!)

    WV: pallysuc. It pallysucs that I have no Topps Update.

  7. I need to get your mother-in-law to buy some packs for me since she has the touch! Then again what would I do w/ Rangers cards?!

  8. Sorry guys, my MIL is off-limits! Unless Colbey agrees to trade me all the Rangers he would pull.

    Glad you're MIL made it through ok Night Owl.

    Crinkly, since you mentioned it first, I'll set the Bert aside for you.