Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Winner

How's that for an original title? Didn't it make you click on the link with such anticipation?

Maybe not. Still, it is a contest and a winner's post must be written.

First off, thanks for the nice comments (mostly) on the 2nd birthday of the blog. It's always nice to read such things from people who take the time to read.

If you were wondering what the 1,2,3 business was about, I bought a 2011 Chrome value pack so I could use the three packs as the prize and was letting you guys and gals determine whether we would have 1,2, or 3 winners. It was pretty close with 1 getting 15 votes, 2 getting 13 votes and 3 getting 14 votes. I know, they weren't really votes since you didn't know why I asked you to pick a number, but 1 was the victor so we'll have one winner who will get the 3 packs from the value pack.

Here is the randomization video:

Congrats to the winner...Baseball Dad from All Tribe Baseball!

Thanks to everyone for entering!


  1. I,I,I WON ??!! Wow, I never win these things.I've placed before. I don't know what to say but Thank You very much !!

  2. I just realized something. I voted for #1. Otherwise #3 could have been the winner.I may have to send 2nd and 3rd place something myself !