Thursday, October 6, 2011


This has been a wacky week. Since I work nights, my Monday starts on Sunday night. I was off Sunday night, worked Monday night, was off Tuesday night, had all day training Wednesday during the day, stayed at work until my shift started and now I'm just trying to stay awake. By the time I leave in the morning, I will have been here 24 hours. I think I got even more tired just typing it.

At any rate, I haven't had even a second to write about the Rangers wrapping up the first spot in the ALCS. I'm truly sorry for my friend the Collective Troll, but I'm ecstatic that the Rangers are going to the ALCS for the second consecutive year.

I'm thrilled that Adrian Beltre hit three homeruns in the final game. He was only the 6th person to hit three homers in a playoff game (Babe Ruth did it twice) and the first to do it in a Divisional Series.

You know me, so you probably know the play in the game that got me revved up.

I've watched this highlight over and over. Sean Rodriguez barrels into Mike Napoli and knocks the ball loose. It took a perfect throw from Nelson Cruz and a perfect relay from Ian Kinsler to get the ball there and it was there in time, but Rodriguez knocked it loose. From the reports I read today, it appears the ball wasn't the only thing he knocked loose. Apparently Napoli swallowed his dip of snuff in the collision too. That's nasty.

Just like the hit.

You can have your triples. As for me, I'll take a play at the plate any day.

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  1. Glad they are winning. Hopefully it keeps up.

    Hey, aren't we supposed to whine and cry when a catcher gets run over? Isn't the general manager supposed to go on the radio and shoot off his mouth? Aren't death threats supposed to be made? Or is that behavior just reserved for teams and fans in San Francisco?