Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shiny. Like it. Vintage. Love it!

Like many of you, I'm a big fan of shiny. Especially Topps Chrome shiny. I can't get enough. Refractors of all kinds...red, gold, blue, x, you name it, I want it. Heaven help me when Topps gets it right and the cards don't resemble a rolled up tortilla. Cards like this one, which The Daily Dimwit pulled for me last night in a box break, make me like shiny even more.

I wouldn't want to get rid of all my great Chrome cards, but I only like them. I don't love them. I reserve that feeling for cards like this or this and even these.

I love vintage cards. As I've mentioned before, the feel of vintage cardboard in your hands will always beat that slick cardstock you pull from packs these days. Even retro sets like Heritage don't have that same feel of the originals. I guess it's the character a little age gives a card. Take this amazing example posted by Greg over at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle? I double dog dare you not to fall in love with that card.

It's a shame and a blessing that you can get amazing vintage cards at a mere fraction of the cost of the latest and greatest rookie phenom. I'm amazed at some of the cheap boxes and binders that can be found at card shops and shows. Not that I've ever seen them. But Greg has. Take a look at some of the nice vintage cards the Night Owl picked up at a card show. All while dragging his daughter around! The horrors....for her.

I thought a dollar box was crazy until I read about this one. How about a vintage Joe Torre from a quarter box? A freakin' quarter box!!!! Dhoff over at Coot Veal and the Veal Tones got one.

My best example of a great deal on vintage would be this post. That combines vintage with a load of blogger kindness. You can't beat that with an overpriced value pack of Bowman Chrome.

Whether you're shopping for high dollar vintage or the bargain bin variety, you just can't beat it. Not even with the latest and greatest Strasharpamaniac prospect.


  1. It is a shame you can get many fantastic vintage cards for a fraction of what your basic from-the-pack hit of a 2011 product costs.

    Give me the vintage every time.

  2. Is the email in your profile correct? I just sent you some cards to cross of the old want list.

  3. Hey, I got some cool cards at that show! (Just re-read the post).