Saturday, October 15, 2011

World Series Bound

I'm happy.

Very happy.

I'm relieved too, because I did not want to see Doug Fister on Sunday.

I'll keep it short since I'm headed for bed, but Cruz was otherworldly, I'd like to beat the crap out of Al Albuquerque and Jim Leyland is one classy dude.

Here's hoping the Brewers and Cardinals go 7.


  1. congrats.

    nice to see so many Braves in the Series again.


  2. Funny, last night I was just hoping the Rangers and Tigers would go 7. Congrats though, and I hope we can close it out tonight and throw Carpenter at you in Game 1.

  3. congrats to the Rangers, we'll see if they can go all the way this year and bring a WS to Texas