Friday, October 21, 2011

A World Series Trade: Rangers Style

David from "e rayhahn, rayhahn" said he and I are being civil about our preferences for the World Series. He's right. I for one have had trash talk backfire on me, so I'm being very careful about doing anything too crazy.

Anyway, I sent David an assortment of Twins and he sent me some great Rangers. Here are just a few of the cards he sent over.

World Series game 3 starter Matt Harrison makes an appearance on this nice 1952 reprint auto from Lineage.

Alex Rodriguez had a falling out with the Rangers and Rangers' fans because of his big ego. I now have proof Arod had the big head on this 2002 Fleer Tradition card.

I've always wanted my very own All-Star workout jersey. Now I've got a start on getting one with this C.J. Wilson card. I think that's my first Wilson relic of any kind.

I bought plenty of Gold Label back in 2001, but I never pulled any of these MLB Award Ceremony relic cards. As much as I'm enjoying Mike Napoli, I still miss seeing Pudge behind the plate at the Ballpark in Arlington.

David, thanks for a great trade! I look forward to our next deal.

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