Friday, October 7, 2011

A new K-Rod in town

New York has been without a K-Rod ever since the Mets traded Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers.

Rest easy New Yorkers, there's a new K-Rod in town!

Alex "K" Rodriguez went 2-18 with 6 strikeouts against Detroit in the ALDS. Game 5 was highlighted by a K-Rod strikeout with the bases loaded in the 7th inning and of course the icing on the cake, a strikeout to end the Yankee's 2011 season.

It's no secret that Alex Rodriguez is my least favorite former Ranger. Part of it is his current team, but mostly it's the way he left the Rangers bad mouthing his teammates.

*My opinion about K-Rod and the Yankees is in no way an indication of how I view Yankee Collecting Bloggers. I like you guys (and gals). You give me a place to send my unwanted Yanks and send some sweet Rangers my way in return.


  1. Don't forget he struck out to end the Yankees 2010 season as well. I guess you gotta give him points for consistency...

  2. Thats awesome! - will be using that one all weekend - I think it is healthy to have a former player to aim ones dislike at - couldn't have picked a better one.