Friday, October 28, 2011

Heart Trouble

This World Series is going to be the death of me.

Game 6 was the game both teams tried like crazy to lose. Multiple errors on both sides, imploding bullpens, walk after freakin' walk by the Rangers pitchers.

If not for another amazing performance from Mike Napoli and Josh Hamilton's first homerun, last night would have been just another easy Cardinals victory.

If the Rangers manage to win Game 7, the errors and the fact that the Rangers were twice within a strike of winning Game 6 will be footnotes in World Series history. If they don't win tonight, those plays will be forever etched in the memories of Rangers fans as the reasons a World Series Championship got away.

I don't want to spend the entire off-season and the forseeable future haunted by the chances the Rangers squandered in Game 6. The only way to stop that is to win tonight.

I'll be watching...on the edge of my seat...waiting to exhale.

Go Rangers!


  1. Why must they torture us so? That game was so very fun, but also no fun at the same time! The Rangers better get it all together tonight, hopefully without all the heart stopping drama.

  2. Welcome to our (previous) Red Sox hell. Error like that, and things like Buckey $%^&* Dent never go away.

    I'm really pulling for the Rangers tonight, I hope you guys pull it off, you deserve this one.

  3. If Texas can pull it out tonight then they truly are a great team. The odds are now significantly stacked against them. In a way I expect a blowout - in the Cards favor. Hopefully that is wrong.

  4. Looks like my fears were justified.