Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Series Game 5 Pack Break

I want to write some great World Series Recap posts, but my stomach is in knots. The nerves, the anxiety, the excitement...it's all a little overwhelming. I'll probably write something after the Series is over, but for now, you get another 2 pack break of 2011 Update.

Here are packs 7 and 8, the last two packs of the box. I just realized that I only got one pack of the Walmart exclusive blue bordered cards in this blaster. Hmm.

Pack 7

Mitchell Boggs - Cardinals--Boggs gave up the 3-run homer to Mike Napoli in game 4.
Lyle Overbay - Pirates
Victor Martinez - Tigers--featured here
Daniel Moskos - Pirates
Omar Infante - Marlins

Felix Hernandez Kimball mini - Mariners
Tim Lincecum - Giants
Adrubal Cabrera - Indians

Pack 8

Laynce Nix - Nationals--Former Ranger
Sam LeCure - Reds
Prince Fielder - Brewers
Ty Wigginton - Rockies
J.D. Martinez Gold 99/2011 - Astros
Ricky Romero Toppstown - Blue Jays

Heath Bell - Padres--The Lost Collector is giving away a Heath Bell TTM. Go here to enter.
Brandon Phillips - Reds

There you have it. The only thing left from the blaster is the manupatch. I'll save that for the final game of the Series. Hopefully that will be Wednesday night.

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