Saturday, October 1, 2011

An offline deal for an online card

I was able to trade for every regular Texas Rangers die cut card available on the 2011 Diamond Giveaway site except one. Without getting extremely lucky, I was never going to unlock the one card I needed. Fortunately, I was contacted by reader Jeff who said he had what I needed.

After several emails back and forth, I agreed to send a die cut Hank Greenberg and some other Tigers to Jeff for this beauty:

This picture is from the site since my phone pics couldn't do it justice. The protective film is a little messed up on mine, but I'm inclined to leave it on. I suppose I'll get tired of that eventually and peel it off.

I'm happy to have the whole team set. I'm realistic enough to know I'll probably never get one of the #/60 die cuts and that's ok. I'll consider this set complete!

Thanks Jeff

REMINDER--If you missed my contest post this morning, go get entered!!


  1. that is a cool card.

  2. Nice. Almost as nice as the Rangers win tonight.