Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's Time!

I've been keeping a low profile around the 'sphere when it comes to the World Series.

I'm too nervous. Last year, it was just a thrill to see the Rangers in the World Series. This year, I really want them to win.

I'll be watching every good luck to CJ and the rest of the team tonight.

I need some Maalox!

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  1. Ok - I decided to land here. It is a post made on my birthday, plus it talks about the hope that the Rangers would win the series in 2011, which they didn't. You would think, being a repeat winner of the pennant the Rangers would pull it off in 2011, but the Cardinals were the Cardinals. That sucked - I would have preferred the Rangers. I like when teams that haven't won it in a while pull out a win. Unless they are playing against my teams. In that case, the other team can suck it.