Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The End is Near

Whoa...settle down.

I'm just talking about my participation in the Topps Million Card Giveaway promotion. What, you thought I was talking about the end of Play at the Plate? Well, I've slowed down a bit and I blame that on one reason you probably don't want to hear about again (the scanner), but that will be rectified eventually.

The MCG promotion ends on March 15, 2011, but I'm going to be requesting my cards just after the holidays. I've been hanging on to a couple of codes to use when I saw another '50s trend, but Topps hasn't been doing that as much as they did early on. They seem to be a little more tight-fisted with the '50s stuff lately. So last night I noticed 4 recently unlocked 50's cards and decided to use at least one of my two codes and see what happened.

This is what Topps graciously added to my portfolio...with the second code I entered.

Are you telling me a 1987 card of 35 year old Fred Lynn doesn't excite you? Me neither. You'll notice I said that was the second code I entered. I wouldn't have wasted the second code if the first one hadn't given up vintage goodness.

The first code revealed this gem.

A 1953 Jim Fridley.

How could I not use the second code after unlocking this beauty? I'll do a little write up on Mr. Fridley when I get the card in hand. I really like the feel of that great old vintage cardboard so maybe that will inspire me to write something nice about Fridley.

I think that's a pretty good way to wrap up the MCG. I'll be making a few more trade offers trying to pare down the number of cards I have to request.

If you have any cards you are not going to get shipped to you, stay tuned for a post later today. I have an idea you might want to be a part of...


  1. Great card!(the first one of coarse) Did you get any team cards you are not shipping, I am going for them on the site with my trade efforts.