Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The November Contest

I recently asked a question about contests? A number of you were kind enough to reply and I appreciate you taking the time to write out an answer. Every comment you leave on another person's blog has an impact on that person. It could be an affirmation that they are putting out good content, it could be constructive (or not) and it most certainly lets them know someone is reading. That's a good thing.

When I ask a question, it is sometimes to help me understand you a little better. It's easy to fall into the trap that everyone looks at things the same way you do and getting a little feedback is a positive thing. Especially when it comes from such a varied group of people.

The November contest is going to require a tiny bit more than just leaving a comment on this post. Many of you are already entered, some more than once, and you didn't even know you were entering. I like to reward the people who comment and if you recall, one of my contests simply was a randomization of all the people who left comments in the previous month. This time it's going to be a randomization of all the people who answered some questions I asked over the last two months.

What's that? You didn't answer any of the questions, but you still want to enter? Lucky for you, I'm going to link all the eligible questions right here so you can still answer and get an entry in the contest. Every question answered is one entry in the randomization. If you've already answered a question, you already have an entry for that one. Only one entry per person, per question. Here are the 9 eligible questions.

What is vintage to you?

What are your collecting priorities right now?

What is the cornerstone of your collection?

Starting over...What would you do differently?

What is your favorite...?

What is your best baseball memory?

Does timing really matter?

Have you ever...?

Contest question

I'll leave this contest open for a couple of days so make sure you get an entry or 9 by answering some questions. The prize will be at least two packs of 2010 Chrome and something that fills your collecting needs.

There will be only one more chance, the December contest, to get into the year-end contest in which all the monthly/special winners will be eligible for a prize of unequaled (not really) and unparalled (again, not really) value.


  1. Great idea. I looked through the links and it appears I didn't post anything on 'em (mostly because what I would have said had already been said OR I missed the post the original time around). Still, great idea to increase comments/reader interaction.

  2. I'll echo the part about comments. I have two blogs, and when you spend a lot of time and thought into a post, only to have the equivalent iof hearing chirping crickets afterwards, it's a little disconcerting.

    In my Vintage SportsCards blog, I have done a few posts that outlined vintage sets (1941 Goudey, 1933 Sport Kings, 1959 Topps). They rarely get even as much as a "nice cards" comment.

    It can be argued that a post like that needs little comment because there isn't a lot more to be said that can add to what I've put out there...but it's nice to know there are people reading.

    On the other hand, I also posted a 1953 Roy Campanella card I got for $4 on eBay and asked if anybody else wanted to share their eBay "deal" stories. I figured that asking the question could lead to some commenst (making the post interactive). Nope.

    I applaud your efforts to get more comments. You should post your theories after all of this with ideas for the rest of us who are still wondering whether we have the online equivalent of halitosis.

  3. Great idea for a contest, I remember all of those questions, some of which I answered, and some of which I started to answer and then abandoned my answer mid-thought. I guess I'll have to go back and complete the quiz.

  4. I recall reading most of those posts and having an opinion but I didn't comment. For that I am sorry as I know how nice it is when people comment on my posts. I have gone back and commented now so I have repented for my mistakes.

  5. Hey, this was a great idea for a contest entry, I really enjoyed going back and commenting on those questions!

  6. I am reading your blog. I have entered your contest. There...I made a comment.