Monday, November 8, 2010

I haven't forgotten you

If you and I are in the middle of a trade and you're waiting on me, I haven't forgotten you. I plan on a trip to the post office at some point this week. If you're Emerald City Diamond Gems, I'm still searching for cards to add to your prize package.

I've been dealing with a little water issue the last few days. Namely, a water heater that decided enough was enough. When no one was home. For 9 hours. Can you say slosh? I can. If you're holding a group break (Wicked) and wondering why no one wants the Rangers, that's why. I've been pricing water heaters and well, guess what I'm getting the kids for Christmas? That's right, warm showers.

Anyway, that and a myriad of other issues (who doesn't have those right?) have led to a lot of baseball related stuff getting pushed to the backburner.

Stay tuned for a November contest update.


  1. Warm showers for X-mas, hooray!

    Mine picked an even more fun moment to pour its guts on all over my floor, while my son was being born at the hospital this past March. What a mess, I totally empathize!

  2. wait, aren't you in Texas? shouldn't your problem be cooling the water? you could just use a storage vat in the backyard and have all the hot water you need...

    now me.... I need a water heater. You, not so much....

    j/k bud, sorry to hear about it. Make sure to completely tear out the floor down to the floor joists and replace any subfloor that got wet. Do you have a basement? If so, it'll be easy to see what needs to be done, if not, get to ripping....